The POY-SIAN Brand is a trusted symbol of good health and strength all over the world, thanks to a combination of its founder’s excellent business acumen and the Inhaler’s time­‐honoured formula.
Since 1936, POY-­SIAN Brand has been building networks of passionate devotees around the world, many of whom go on to become loyal brand ambassadors, sharing their experiences with family and friends.

Beginning with a small tradional herbal shop in Chinatown, Bangkok in 1936.

The second generation started refining the inhaler formula and ultimately transformed it into an one way inhaler “PE-PEX brand”


- After a decade of PE-PEX inhaler success , our R&D developed a new formula from our original secret ingredients.
- The original 2-in 1 POY-SIAN inhaler became a major success due to its freshening & easy-to-use property. 
- Because of its easy to carry feature, it has quickly become a substitute for balm & medicated oil since 1990s.
- In an effort to expand our porfolio, we developed a range of new products to appeal to health-­conscious customers for instance: Pimsaen, Som-­Mue etc.
- Today with GMP certified factories, all boasting state-of-the-art technology, Poysian Brand is proud to be the leading brands of Inhaler in Asia, and a recognised heritage brand in Thailand.
- It still retains the spirit and passion of its founding father who started the company over 80 years ago.

Manufacturing Facility

In line with our founder commitment to quality, Gold Mints’ manufacturing facility adhere to recognized regulations and stringent certification.
All of Gold Mints’ products are manufactured at Bangna The company’s factory employ modern technology for manufacturing, quality control and R&D.

The manufacturing process complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) for quality and safety of the company’s products, and the factories are approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA Thailand).


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